Samson Extendable Height Adjustable Desk Frame 40-63"

The Samson Extendable Height Adjustable Desk Frame makes it easy to transform your existing desk into a standing desk! With the height adjustable design, it gives you a more healthier, comfortable and efficient workpattern. Sitting or standing for work is now your choice! Let our height adjustable desksbring you a comfortable andappropriate sit orstand work day!

LEAD TIME: 4-6 Weeks



● Unmatched stability

● 40-63 inch length adjustment

● Easy to assembly and storage
Smooth and quiet operating system
● Cable management solutions available
● Ergonomist recommended height adjustable desk
Seated or sit-to-stand adjustment ranges or fixed height

Technical parameters:

● Limit switch: Inner
● Max.Speed: 1.5 inches per second
● Standard Stroke: 25 inches
● Height Range: 24-48 inches
● Lifting capacity 265 lbs each leg
● Duty cycle:10%,max.2min on/18min off

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