BLADE Benching


BLADE Open Plan Workstations are redefining corporate culture one desk at a time. Our design team created the BLADE concept with your growth in mind. Because of BLADE’s sleek, minimalistic design, it takes up less space than traditional systems. Instead of purchasing more real estate, BLADE is designed to adapt to your space. With endless configurations available, we represent the greatest return-on-investment possible. BLADE exhibits the perfect blend of style and functionality.

BLADE Benching is designed to promote an environment conducive to effective communication. Engineered with the team in mind, this system features an expanding beam support with add-on capabilities. This means that you can add any number of workstations, or simply reconfigure the entire pod using the existing pieces. Straight benching will also achieve the maximum person-per-room ratio.

Product Options

Power: Includes below-surface outlets with wall/base in-feed
Power Pole: Includes power pole with longer in-feed

Mobile Pedestal: Mobile locking Box/Box/File with ball-bearing slides

Dividers: Surface mounted dry-erase frosted glass divider
*Dividers will be on sides and facing. No dividers on ends.

*Height adjustable option coming soon! Contact us for pricing.
*Customized configurations also available, contact us.

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