Oasis Linear Phone Booth

The Oasis Linear Phone Booth provides a stylish, flexible and cost-effective solution. Providing a peaceful environment for phone calls, video conferences and a silent retreat for uninterrupted work.


Size:45in x 45in x 87in (w,d,h)

Interior size:39in x 39in x 83in (w,d,h)

Door:right handed, 3/8in toughened glass hydraulic, self-closing, 12in t-bar handle


Size:87in x 45in x 87in (w,d,h)

Doors:right and left handed, 3/8in toughened glass, hydraulic self-closing hinged doors, 12in t-bar handle



*If you do not see the color you want call/email us and we will get you the color or design you are looking for

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