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What if I said that your office design could make or break a sale for you? What if your outdated office was the deciding factor as to why you weren't able to land the new hire you needed? It might sound a little over the top, but first impressions are proven to be a key aspect of a person's decision making process. The feel of your office is important and here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. Retain and Gain Top Talent-

As the Millennials transition into becoming the majority of the workforce, the office design is starting to transition with it. The younger generation are the most transient generation when it comes to jobs, but implementation of modern designed office spaces have had great success with helping obtain and retain top talent. You can look at industry leaders such as Google, Uber, Tesla, and Salesforce as pioneers in office innovation.


2. Health and Wellness-                                                                     

When it comes to office wellness, there are a myriad of different conditions that can result from the repetitiveness of office activities. Luckily, todays furniture companies are creating furniture with health in mind. The newer products are Office Designmade with ergonomics and help alleviate common office conditions. Standing desk, such as the Zoey sit to stand desk have immense benefits! It allows the person to stand and avoid the pressure placed on your back.  It is recommended to stand for at least 2 hours every work day.

3. Environmental-

In todays day and age, being environmental friendly is a high priority for numerous individuals. Having eco-friendly furniture andOffice Design supplies show the public and potential employees that your company is forward thinking, and cares about more than just profits. Finding eco-friendly furniture is as easy as finding a Starbucks today, and usually can be found around the same price point as normal furniture.

4. Increased Productivity-

The importance of office design is often overlooked when it comes to productivity. That is starting to change. Collaborative office design and open spaces have generated a more team oriented atmosphere that generates more productivity. In addition, when companies decide to upgrade office furniture, the result is often that the new furniture is more functional fostering an increase in productivity in the work place.


5. Make More Money-

Back to first impressions. When it comes to making a sale, the way a company presents itself can be just as important as the product or service the company is selling. A new office design shows the client that you are the real deal and have had some success. Customers want to go with a company that has a track record, and an updated office can reflect that.

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